Brad Pitts Nutrtion Plan for Fight Club and Troy

So I have been asked a few questions on why every time  I add a picture to my blog post that is just happens to be a beautiful woman.  Hmmmmm, I thought.  Well for one I am a guy. So I said to myself what would be a good subject to write about where I could a picture of some bad ass.  First thing that came to mind was “The first rule about fight club is we don’t talk about fight club”.  Bad ass Tyler Durden from the movie Fight Club.  In case you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years Brad Pitt played Ed Norton’s alter ego in Fight Club.

So is Brad Pitt just genetically blessed or did he have to work to get into this kind of shape?  He worked, he worked real hard. Abs do not pop like that from just doing some simple work out. You really have to push yourself to the limit.  So here is what he did.  We call it the Brad Pitt Fight Club Work Out.

Monday – Chest

3 – 75 Push ups
3 – Bench press 165,195,225 (25, 15, 8 reps)
3 – Nautilus press 80,100,130
3 – Incline press 80,100,130
3 – Pec deck machine 60,70,80

Tuesday – Back

3 – 25 Pull ups
3 – Seated rows 75,80,85
3 – Lat pull downs 135,150,165
3 – T bar rows 80,95,110

Wednesday – Shoulders
3 – Arnold press 55,55,55
3 – Laterals 30,30,30
3 – Front raises 25,25,25

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps
3 – Preacher curl machine 60,80,95
3 – EZ curls cable 50,65,80
3 – Hammer curls 30,45,55
3 – Push downs 70,85,100

Treadmill 60 minutes 80-90% MHR

Treadmill 60 minutes 80-90% MHR

Rest Day

Reps Range From 15-25 reps on all exercises and weight is in lbs

One thing to remember is when doing the Brad Pitt Fight Club Work Out you train one muscle group each day and then give yourself the rest of the week to recover. You perform 3 sets and break 50-60 seconds between sets. You should use a weight that you are almost to failure on your last rep. It also help when you are a multimillionaire and you have unlimited resources to spend on personal trainers.

One other thing to remember if you are going to do the”Brad Pitt Fight Club Work Out” your diet will also play a huge key to your success.  You have to eat clean.  5-6 times a day would be optimal.



If you want to get a lean chiseled body like a fitness model or Hollywood celebrity, shrink wrap your abs, better your appearance, with out over training than this is the place for you. Build muscle tone and density without bulking up like a bodybuilder.


Learn the secrets of how this workout routine method helps you to get An awesome and Bulky Body even just from Home. 


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